01 October 2014

Did you know that October is Dwarfism Awarness month? Every day, I’ll try to post some facts about dwarfism. I hope you all learn something new!

Fact: There are over 200 types of dwarfism. I’m a pseudoachondroplastic dwarf, which is a skeletal dysplasia that affects the formation of the skeleton. It is a short limb form of dwarfism.

“Other characteristic features of pseudoachondroplasia include short arms and legs; a waddling walk; joint pain in childhood that progresses to a joint disease known as osteoarthritis; an unusually large range of joint movement (hyperextensibility) in the hands, knees, and ankles; and a limited range of motion at the elbows and hips. Some people with pseudoachondroplasia have legs that turn outward or inward (valgus or varus deformity). Sometimes, one leg turns outward and the other inward, which is called windswept deformity. Some affected individuals have a spine that curves to the side (scoliosis) or an abnormally curved lower back (lordosis). People with pseudoachondroplasia have normal facial features, head size, and intelligence.”  http://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/pseudoachondroplasia

3 thoughts on “01 October 2014

  1. Won’t let me “like;” won’t accept my password. Took me 200 years to learn there were 200 types of dwarfism, though I knew the most common type. Interesting that yours is called PSEUDOachondroplasia. Wondering how it’s alike but different.

    Reading through the blog, and feeling so sad for you about the chronic pain. I have osteoarthritis because of my age and other factors, bit I didn’t know chronic pain at your age or younger, and i dont know it even now like you do. Especially your ankles where your whole body is putting pressure on them when you walk or even just stand. Am still reading your blog to discover whether you have received the surgery, and if it’s helped.


    • The pseudo comes from the fact that they used to think that they were related but that they presented differently in some ways. However, once the genes for both types were discovered, they found that they are not the same at all! But the naming had already occurred. 🙂


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